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The A to Z Glossary of Credit Keywords

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Term Definition

Cash on delivery; payment is due upon delivery of the goods.


The general idea behind the word 'capital' is the money you started with or the money you have, but the term is often loosely used so its meaning should always be clarified. Combined with other words it can have a more precise meaning e.g:

Nominal capital: is the amount of money that can be put into a Limited or Unlimited company in the form of shares. For Public companies this is known as a Authorized capital (the term Registered capital is also sometimes used).

Capital fully employed

The company's resources are fully extended; shortage of cash. This is one of the terms used by banks when answering status enquiries.


Cash in hand, either petty cash or current accounts at the bank.


Consumer Credit Association.

CCA (Second Definiton)

Consumer Credit Act, 1974


An abbreviation for County Court Judgment


Consumer Credit Trade Association

Certificate of incorporation

When a new Limited company (or Unlimited company) is being formed and all the formalities complied with to the satisfaction of the Registrar of Companies, he will issue a Certificate of Incorporation which then gives the Company its legal existence.

Charging order

A form of proceedings to enforce a judgment, which attaches to property, normally land or shares, owned by the debtor. The charging order operates like a mortgage in that it is usually used to secure payment by instalments. Upon default an order for sale may be made.

Collateral security

Security in the form of stocks and shares, deeds of property or other acceptable substitutes which are deposited by a borrower as a guarantee that a loan will be repaid.

Company number/Company index number/Comp

When a Limited company is formed it is given a Company Number, individual to itself, which it keeps, even if it changes its name, until it is dissolved. All companies are required by law to show this number on their letter headings.

Compound interest

Interest calculated on the principal sum of a debt, plus any interest that has accrued in previous periods. Each time interest is added, the total becomes the new sum on which subsequent interest is calculated.

Conditions of sale

The contractual terms, usually in writing, upon which goods are sold and services supplied. Also known as Terms of Trade and Terms and Conditions.


Usually a group of companies or firms working together on a project too large or complex for a single company to undertake; or several concerns forming a temporary joint organisation in order to achieve a common goal.

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