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The A to Z Glossary of Credit Keywords

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Term Definition

Days sales outstanding; an average guide to the length of time it takes a company to receive payment for goods sold. It is a measurement obtained by calculating the number of days' or months' sales that are owed to the company.

Days Sales Outstanding:

See D.S.O.


A document recording the indebtedness of one party to the other, containing a promise to repay and, by way of security for that promise, a floating charge over a company's assets.

Debt collection agency

A company which operates a debt recovery service for the recovery of overdue accounts, on behalf of clients.


Scottish equivalent of an English Judgment.

Discretionary limit

Under credit insurance this is the maximum amount of business that can be transacted with any one buyer without the formal approval of the insurer, subject to satisfactory credit references being obtained.


The return paid to shareholders on their investment. (Usually in the form of a bonus payment every six months).

Document of title

A document enabling the person in possession of it to deal with the property described in it in any way as if they were the owner.

Dormant company

A limited company that has never started, or has ceased, its trading activities (e.g. a subsidiary transferring its business to its parent or a fellow subsidiary), but has not been dissolved. Annual returns are still filed, but the accounts state that the company did not trade during the year. A company is kept on the 'live index' in this way, so that it can be easily reactivated if it wants to start trading again in the future. It is also known as a Shell company.

Due from group companies

Amounts due from group companies within the next 12 months e.g. repayment of a short-term loan.

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