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The A to Z Glossary of Credit Keywords

There are 166 entries in this glossary.
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Term Definition
Take over:

An offer by one company to another, for a large proportion or all of its shares, to bring it under control. The offer sometimes consists of a proportionate number of its own shares, together with a cash payment per share, in exchange.

Technically insolvent

Where a company has a deficit of shareholders funds but can have a positive working capital or long-term borrowings allowing it to continue trading.

Terms of Trade/ Terms and Conditions

The contractual terms, usually in writing, upon which goods are sold and services supplied. Also known as Conditions of Sale.

Third party debt order

A legal proceeding to recover money that is owed to the debtor by some third party.

Total assets

A total of the current and fixed assets.

Trade creditors & accruals

Amounts currently owing for goods or services received, whether invoiced or not.

Trading address

The address of the company where business is carried out if different from the registered office and where the company's assets are likely to be found.

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