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There is just 4 simple steps to creating a claim for late payment.

1. Add your business details.
2. Add the debtor details.
3. Purchase a credit option.
4. Start using the calculator.

To learn more either watch the videos on this page or download a user guide below.


Advanced Late Payment Interest calculator Quick Start Guide
Quick start guide PDF


Detailed users guide PDF

advanced-late-payment-interest-calculator-overview Advanced calculator overview

An brief introduction to the many
features of the calculator (1m.52s)


advanced-late-payment-interest-calculator-quick-start-guide Advanced calculator quick start guide

Learn how to get started with the calculator and create a late payment demand (2m.20s)

Advanced Late Payment Interest Calculator Address BookClient address book

Adding, editing and deleting clients from the address book (0m.45s)


Claiming retrospectively Calculating a retrospective claim

How to create a letter relating to retrospective claims going back 6 years (1m.24s)

Advanced Late Payment Interest Calculator History The calculator history screen

Track your claims on a daily basis. Send debtors updated reminders. Edit and delete calculations (1m.26s)


Advanced Late Payment Interest Calculator Part Payments Calculating part payments

Re-calculate claims and update what the debtor owes. Send revised demands with illustrations of what will be owed if the debt remains unpaid after periods of time (1m.33s)

Advanced Late Payment Interest Calculator REceiving Payment in FullReceiving payment in full

If your debtor has paid, you can stop the interest and mark the debt as paid. Send a letter to the debtor thanking them for payment (0m.57s)


Advanced Late Payment Interest Calculator Debtors View Receiving a late payment demand

If you receive a late payment demand, you can view the demand online and arrange payment. Unpaid demands update on a daily basis so you always know how much you owe (2m.01s)

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