Contractual Interest Calculator

Please follow the instructions below.

Please input the date when the payment became overdue. If you have agreed a credit period with your debtor, then the date you need to enter here will be the last day of that credit period. Otherwise, the due date is either 30 days after the delivery of the goods or services or 30 days after the date of invoicing, whichever is later.

Please check the 'Is Compound Interest Chargeable?' field below if your contract with your debtor stipulated that compound interest would be charged on late payments.

Next, in the 'Interest Rate' field, enter the percentage interest rate as stipulated in your contract with your debtor.

Finally, in the 'Invoice Value' field, enter the invoice value, inclusive of VAT and click the 'Calculate' button.


Date payment became overdue  (dd/mm/yyyy)
Date of Payment (if principal debt has now been paid):  (dd/mm/yyyy)
Stipulated Contractual Interest Rate  (numbers only)
Is the interest rate daily, weekly, monthly or annual? (tick which applies)  daily  weekly  monthly  annual
Is Compound Interest Chargeable?  (tick for yes)
Total Invoice Value (inc VAT)  (numbers only)
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