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In 1997, the Government in partnership with leading business organisations launched the Better Payment Practice Campaign. They implemented a basket of measures to help businesses get paid on time. When the Group completed their work in 2008, some members of the original team asked to keep this website running.

The purpose of the site is to provide a resource of information to support businesses get paid on time and to provide a community for businesses that support prompt payment to be able to engage with each other.

The site will always be free for anyone to use and get involved with. Products and services offered on the site will always be driven by supporter need and details of supporters will never be offered to any third party. In this way we will always keep to the purpose of the site, to help businesses get paid on time.

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The late payment of commercial debts regulations 2013 have now been implemented. Changes to the legislation were tabled at European level which needed to be adopted by England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Consultation ensued and now the existing legislation has been amended. The Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2013 was introduced on the 16th march 2013
With social networking having such an impact on the way we communicate on a personal and business level, we decided to add a feature to allow Pay on Time supporters to add their social media links to their supporter listing. Now a viewer can find out more about you or your business via your Facebook page, Tweets, LinkedIn profile and Google+ page. A great way to find businesses and make new connections with potential customers knowing that they support Prompt Payment! If you are already a...
Under new EU legislation. We are obliged to ask you to accept our cookies. Nearly all web sites use cookies in some form. A cookie is a small piece of text that can be read by the website that sets the cookie. For example: Amazon uses cookies to track your progress through the site and shows you previous items you have viewed. Also when you return to the site, Amazon may show you suggested products that may interest you. In this case cookies are helping you to review what you have recently...
Fraud is all too common these days, and small businesses can be vulnerable. This section doesn't attempt to cover every type of fraud that might affect firms, but concentrates on a few of the most prevalent and offers some advice about what you can do to avoid them. STAFF FRAUD Newspaper stories reveal all too often that it only takes one dishonest employee to bring a company to its knees. How can you ensure that this doesn't happen to yours? At application stage Screen all staff properly...