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5 years 8 months ago #1876 by gcplumbing@live.co.uk
I need help, I started charging a regular late payer £40.00 per invoice, they paid me but without the charges saying they haven't seen my terms and conditions? On the invoices I sent I wrote 'please pay strictly within 30 days' and that is all. Should I have had terms and conditions on the invoices ? can I go back and try and charge them again and for all the invoices they were late on? Some invoices I sent didn't even have the 30 days request and most the invoices don't have their company name on them, I just have proof of sending them and proof of payment from them, please help

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5 years 7 months ago #1877 by David J
Replied by David J on topic Re: terms and conditions
Hello GC Plumbing. Have a look at our FAQ page and you will get most of the answers you require.


You do not have to mention that you will charge late payment interest and compensation or mention it in any terms (if you have some). This is because this is statute legislation.

If a payment date has not been mutually agreed in advance (say 20 days) then their legislation uses a default of 30 days from delivery of goods or services, or receipt of invoice.

You can go back 6 years retrospectively and charge interest and compensation on any invoices that have been paid, but were paid late.

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