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Pay on Time forum rules. Please read before posting.

13 years 10 months ago - 9 years 2 months ago #18 by David J
The Forum is designed to encourage business people to share views, tips and techniques to help each other enjoy prompt payment. It is acknowledged that this may be best achieved through healthy debate and the freedom of expression.

HOWEVER, it is NOT a Forum to share details of the payment practices of identifiable individuals, business or organisations, to indulge in defamatory remarks about individuals businesses or organisations, or to be abusive or derogatory in any way.

We require each participant to register with us before they are allowed to use the Forum and the moderator reserves the right to bar any participant that breaks the rules without any form of right to reply or appeal.

Any opinion or information given by any contributor to the forum should be be construed as advice and it is up to the recipient to use it or not at their discretion and risk. No liability is accepted or entertained by the giver of any opinion or information.

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