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6 years 2 months ago #1874 by gcplumbing@live.co.uk
I have been consistently paid late by a customer, the invoices I sent were generic and didn't have the customers details on them and no payment terms were agreed, they started paying late and then I started adding please pay within 30 days on my invoices, it got to the point where they owed me 4 separate invoices and I e-mailed them saying please pay me asap I don't want to have to add charges. They never paid so I sent updated invoices with £40 charges on each one. They have since paid but without the charges and our working relationship is no longer. Can I actually claim these charges and also charge for all the late invoices since I started working for them (jan 2014). When I said thank you for your partial payment after they paid without paying the charges I was told they hadn't seen my terms and conditions and if I provide them they will happily pass them to their solicitor, where do I stand? any help will be gratefully recieved

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5 years 7 months ago #1901 by james@cpa.co.uk
Dear GC plumbing,

Sorry for the delayed response but I have only just become a moderator on this forum.

You have a statutory right to claim the late payment compensation charges and interest. You do not need to rely on your own terms and conditions to claim them.

If they have paid you late then you are entitled to the charges.

CPA would be happy to help collect them if you wish to contact me.


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