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Hotels new lease owner disputing invoices

6 years 1 month ago #1881 by Dirtyharry7717
Hi guys .Looking for abit of advice . We are a venue dressing company and were asked by the hotels Wedding Co-ordinator to dress and supply items for the owners friends wedding , and a few others. We have done our part and price aggreed . Now Wedding Co-ordinator has left and new lease owner ( works fo real owner ) is now disputing said invoices. He has paid what his new General manager has ordered since the wedding co-ordintor left. but still not the bulk of the invoices saying he has to confirm with Groom and Owner .
Over the last 12 months we were always called in last minute and put them on a 30day account and always delivered . But this new guy is stretching my limits .
We have brides booked with us for the next year within said hotel so i dont want to rock the book too much .
Any advice ??

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