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Company claims late payment due to unreceived invoices

5 years 10 months ago #1894 by AS
Hi there, a company that I am dealing with is claiming that they didn't receive my invoices and therefore won't pay late payment charges. Am I right in thinking that as they were aware of both my prices and the exact dates that I worked in our contract, that I can apply the rule of the relevant period of time of 30 days "on which the obligation of the supplier to which the debt relates is performed"? This would actually leave them worse off as my invoices were sent to them a few weeks after working.


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5 years 7 months ago #1904 by james@cpa.co.uk
Dear AS,

Sorry for the late reply but I have only just become a moderator on this forum.

How did you send your invoices to your debtor?

Were they sent together or separately on multiple occasions?

Were they correctly addressed?

Did you have any other communication with them?

How quickly after you chased payment and provide copies did they settle the invoices?

You might believe that one invoice went missing in the post, but its unlikely they all went missing and sounds more like an excuse.


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