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Late payment of part of an invoice

5 years 6 months ago #1924 by Duncan1758
Hi I have a customer who paid a large sum of money off an invoice but still owes a large amount, I received a letter off the customer this morning quoting commom law to revoke any licence to collect the debt owed quoting he will sue for trespass and involve the police, he also quotes the OFT, Trading Standards and other bodies. He has stalled from the word go regarding the rest of the payment saying that he has had my work accessed by an independent trader which I have had no notification off. Also he is requesting copies of Invoices and dates, and agreements as I am a sole trader the agreement is by word of mouth where do I stand on this matter.

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5 years 6 months ago - 5 years 6 months ago #1926 by james@cpa.co.uk
Hi Duncan,

I am not qualified to provide legal advice regarding your claim so I suggest you go to a solicitor.

But from what you are saying, It sounds like your debtor has read a few internet posts that suggest this is a way of putting off the collection of debt.

This should not prevent you taking legal action to pursue your debt, but your debtor does not have to allow the bailiff on to his property. But Bailiffs are able to find ways of gaining peaceable entry.

Also taking a CCJ out against them will have an impact on their credit rating so if something they should avoid.

I wouldn't let this put you off but I would suggest you get legal advice.

If you want to email me the details then I would be happy to pass it to our legal team to look at it.

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