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Invoicing a non trading / dormant company

10 years 4 months ago #225 by shaun@diesel-injection-services.co.uk
Re "Contract is of the essence here. In the past six weeks I have initiated and taken a director to court in a joint and several action as his company was non trading, or he had reasonable knowledge that at the time of placing the order the company was unable to pay it's debt on time."

I was wondering how you were able to prove the company placed an order knowing they could not pay. I undertook 2 jobs for a company totalling some £2500 who had only previously spent approx £50.00 in the previous year. They went into administration even before the invoices were raised, so I am fairly sure this was planned, but am not confident I would win in the small claims court.
You obviously have expertise in this field, I would be happy to pay for advice and show the details and the terms of trading document I have signed from this company.

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10 years 4 months ago #226 by ashley smith

I am an accountant with experience (experience is what you get when you dont get what you want!)

My best advise is to speak to a lawyer - one who specialises in Debt Collection.

I use Lanes4Claims who are both very cost effective and also knowledgable on the subject. Any firm of Specialists Lawyer will be able to help though.

I am attending a Seminar at the Law Society on 12th November on this very subject. If you would like to email me a copy of your contract, and the invoices I will have a look and ask some questions if you like prior to you spending money on legals.

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