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Legal questions

4 years 7 months ago #1970 by plumbcrazy
Legal questions was created by plumbcrazy
Hi I get quite lost in legalities.
If it's against the law to pay late then it is also against the law to not pay at all?
I assume this is just when a business dose not pay and not when an idividual done not pay?
Is this civil law or criminal law?
Please can somebody help.

I have a solicitor owing me money I am self employed with health problems and a very small income, so need to do as much as I can myself,

Cheers, Andrew

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4 years 7 months ago #1971 by james@cpa.co.uk
Replied by james@cpa.co.uk on topic Re: Legal questions
Dear Plumbcrazy.

Non-payment of a debt is covered by civil law, not criminal law.

If this solicitor owes you money and refuses to pay then you need to take civil action against them to enforce your claim.

The issue is why they are not paying. Have they given you a reason?

I appreciate your comments on your financial situation but before taking legal action against a solicitor you should take advice that you have a strong claim and are not going to lose more money trying to get them to pay.

You could try the Citizens Advice Bureau for free advice.


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