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Overdue/Late Payment

10 years 4 months ago #223 by maribcost
My question is : Is there any Eu law whereby someone can claim payment after 6 years that the goods were delivered without ever having sent Statements or informing the customer of such an overdue balance. And if so can interest be claimed on the amount.

I am sure there must be a time period when payments of Invoices can no longer be claimed.

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10 years 4 months ago #229 by David J
Replied by David J on topic Re:Overdue/Late Payment
Hello Maria
I'm not aware of any law that says an outstanding invoice does not need to be paid after a certain amount of time (although someone may know different). The longer the period is though then the harder it will be to get paid.

If there is a case where a supplier finds that an overlooked invoice has not been paid, and he has strong and supportive documentation that the customer received and used the goods or services provided, then there is no good reason why the customer should not pay.

Using the time period is not an excuse to get something for free.

Interest can only be claimed going back 6 years under the legislation (5 years in Scotland) so outside of this period would not count.


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