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Greenroof - post about need for urgent advice

4 years 6 months ago #3725 by j.salmon@cpa.co.uk
Hi Greenroof,

Sorry for the delay but I have noticed that last week you made a post to the forum but unfortunately the record has been corrupted and it didn't get through properly.

This is what I was able to retrieve:-

<a class="ktopic-title km" href="/forum/pay-on-time-supporter-forums/late-payment-questions-and-answers/late-payment" title="Morning, Need some urgent advice please.
A customer has not paid as per our terms and is 15 days overdue from these terms for a large amount of monies. They are also now 43 days from date of invoice. Emails have been sent and calls made but not a positive outcome as they are flippant and dismissive. So the question is: 1) I think we have been fair but now wish to CCJ but that will cost 3.5% of the debt and this will be over 2k, Are we able to claim this cost back and add to the debt owed? 2)Is..." rel="follow">Late payment</a>

I am not sure what you other questions are. If you want to reply to this, I will be happy to help.

But you can totally add the legal costs such as the court fee to the debt.

You should also be able to add interest from the due date and late payment compensation but it will depend what you have in your terms.


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