The explanation of the late payment legislation set out in this document refers exclusively to England and Wales.

In Northern Ireland and Scotland, the late payment legislation is very similar, however due to differences in legal proceedings and the impact of devolution, it is essential that businesses and the public sector in either Northern Ireland or Scotland seek appropriate guidance there. We will seek to work closely with the devolved Governments to ensure that the approach to the interest rate and other entitlements is co-ordinated and consistent.


Businesses involved in commercial contracts with businesses and/or a public sector body not domiciled in England, Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland, should make sure that they know what their rights are under the late payment legislation of the jurisdiction to which the contract would be subject if a dispute were to arise.

Any commercial contract made under the law of another member of the European Union, will have access to entitlements resulting from late payment legislation, which are similar to those identified in this section.