Credit advice


Treat this as the best chance to get payments properly arranged. The customer should expect to request time to pay and to be checked out. Don't deliver until you are happy to allow credit. Allocating the Account Number should be the control point.


  • 1. Credit Application Form: - obtain correct name, company registration number (for companies),payment address, person for payments, phone, fax numbers,e-mail details and acceptance of terms. Credit Application Form
  • 2. Get credit references or not, according to policy. Decide maximum credit amount.
  • 3. Allocate account number and set up correct account details.
  • 4. Send a letter to the payment person confirming the amount of credit available. By doing so, you are introducing yourself to the person who will be making the payments, as well as confirming your payment terms and reiterating the amount of credit available. Click here for a printable letter confirming the amount of credit available.
  • 5. Now you are ready to sell to the customer on a credit basis, use special ledger category for 3 months, with telephone contact, to get customer into good payment habits.